A cartoon avatar of myself: a white person with brown hair and a mustache, wearing a black Hanshin Tigers baseball cap, large round glasses, a white t-shirt, and a denim jacket.

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Hi, i'm vi, aka goofpunk! i'm a non-binary (they/them) writer, coder, artist, and internet person living in Phoenix.

i'm into experimental storytelling (especially interactive and multimedia fiction), web development, Tetris, and zines. i make a random assortment of things, some of which is linked below. If you'd like to get updated when i post a new thing, you can follow this RSS feed.

some stuff i've made

Garish Hues

A short (around 1000 words) zine about my own weird gender history.

Read it on itch.io


A useless website made in p5.js. It's safe for work, other than the text.

Visit nicecock.me

Zonelets RSS Feed Generator

A Python script that creates an RSS feed for your Zonelets blog.

View it on GitHub

Goatlings Acessibility Mod

A userscript that makes the repetitive parts of Goatlings keyboard acessible.

View it on GitHub

find me online

cohost @goofpunk
Discord @goofpunk
mastodon @vi@queer.party
GitHub @goofpunk
SoundCloud @peggyandthestraps
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