Hi! My name is Vi (it rhymes with "my", not with "me"). My pronouns are they/them, and I'm an agender queer person.

I'm a hobbyist in all kinds of creative fields, including writing, photography, music, coding, game development, and more. I'm not in any way properly trained in any of these things, and I prefer it that way. I'm a big believer in DIY creativity, and I love helping other people get started making the stuff they want to make. I'm very into experimental music, vintage computers (especially Apple stuff), and literature. Expect to see a lot of stuff about that from me!

What is goofpunk?

Honestly, it, fittingly, started is a joke. I was riffing on the meme (that I mostly see on Tumblr) of defining hyper-niche aesthetics, and I told a friend of mine that my aesthetic is “goofpunk”, because I'm a generally silly person who's also really into punk music and the DIY ethos. But since then, it's kind of refined itself into legitimately being my life philosophy.

To me, goofpunk says that humor, silliness, and joy are the most important and valuable things in the world (goof), but that we must be willingly to actively fight to protect them (punk). Goofpunk is definitively anti-racist, pro-queer, egalitarian, and socialist, because to be otherwise would be to allow forces of hatred to rob us of joy and use humor (or at least, their attempts at it) as a weapon to hurt people.

Essentially, goofpunk is my way of being able to allow joy and the need for struggle to exist together on equal footing.

Why make a personal website?

Well, this piece does a great job explaining it in detail, but basically: I think social media is generally bad for us, and I think creating our own communities where we are able to create without restrictions and expectations is good. So I made this site so that I can slowly disengage from wider social media, and find healthier spaces online.

To me, this website is like a little garden you have in your yard. Not many people will see it, it's mostly something you do because it's fun and relaxing. But hopefully anyone who does happen to come by finds joy in looking at it, and hopefully, every once in a while, it produces something good that you can share with your friends.


You may see a lot of bears on this site and in my social media profile pictures, especially this one:

This is because I like having a single icon, and I think the bear is a great symbol for me. Bears are protective, clever, lazy, and they look rather cuddly. Plus, because of their prominent use in gay culture, the bear is identifiably queer. So as a big fat hairy queer weirdo, I'm basically a bear already. This specific bear image is a photo taken by Mark Basarab, and shared freely on Unsplash.


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