My writing is divided into to places: my blog is for longer form posts, something with a specific point or reason for being written, and the garden is for short form thoughts, something longer than a tweet but not a blog post. The rest of this page is essentially an index of the highlights and the writing that I think is sort of "evergreen".

Book Reviews

I read a lot of books, at the time of this writing (July 21st, 2022), I've read 37 books this year. These are posts where I post thoughts about what I've read.

Murakami, HarukiThe Elephant Vanishes
Vonnegut, KurtBreakfast of Champions

Software I Use (And Like)

This is a series on my blog about software I'm a fan of. It's inspired by one of my favorite sites on the internet, usesthis.com, where people talk about the software and hardware they use to make stuff. I love reading things like this, so I decided to make my own, and since the hardware I use is pretty plain and uninteresting, I figured I'd focus on software, because I think there's a lot more variety there. This page is a collection of all the articles I've posted so far.

Drafts 5A Markdown writing app with a ton of tagging, storing, and exporting features.
macOSMy favorite operating system
Small Apps That Make A Big DifferenceFive small apps I use every day, but don't warrant a whole post each. (Horo, Rectangle, Amphetamine, CotEditor, Multitouch)